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Polyplastics-Evonik has set up its own factory and technical center in Himeji, Hyogo Prefecture for development and manufacturing of unique products. In these units we provide not only development and improvement of products but also technical services to support our customer's requirements. With the help of many test facilities we can respond to customers' needs flexibly.

We have established satisfactory system to offer the best products and the best technology to customers, as our Aboshi Plant have been certified to ISO 9000S in 1998, and to ISO 14000S in 2000. Simultaneously we are aggressively promoting environment protection activities.

Polyplastics-Evonik's polyamide “VESTAMID® Terra” has acquired the Biomass Plastics Mark (the mark of the certification system for biomass-based products).

In October 2014, Polyamide 610 “VESTAMID® Terra HS”(Registration number: A64201) and polyamide 1010 “VESTAMID® Terra DS“(Registration number: A64202) manufactured by Polyplastics-Evonik were certified by the Japan Bio Plastics Association (JBPA)as products meeting the standards described in the positive list of the biomass-based plastics identification system.
Bio-based plastics are fully or mainly derived from biomass. These plastics are characterized by having the advantage of very low carbon dioxide footprint. with only a small amount of environmental burden. They are expected to contribute to the prevention of the global warming, saving of fossil fuel resources and preservation of the natural environment.
The Biomass Plastics Mark is a certification mark which indicates that the relevant product complies with the standards established by JBPA for plastic products derived from biomass.

By providing the materials certified by JBPA, we aim to satisfy the needs of our customers with products that they can use safely, as well as to enhance the image of their products.
With a view of enhancing the credibility of our company further, we will sincerely respond to our customer's needs for development with a wide range of resin product line-up, in addition to providing precise technical support and stable delivery of products.

  • Castor oil beans Castor oil beans
  • VESTAMID® Terra(Pellets) VESTAMID® Terra (Pellets)

VESTAMID® Terra HS (Nylon 610) and VESTAMID® Terra DS (Nylon 1010) are plant-origin resin products which use sebacic acid manufactured from “castor oil (derived from castor oil beans)” as the raw material.

【Properties】These products are superior in terms of the following properties:
Low water absorption, dimension stability, chemical resistance, resistance to metal chlorides (resistance to calcium chloride), bending fatigue ability, and workability.

These products can be used for a variety of applications, including those for industrial use as well as for applications needed for ecological purposes such as sports and cosmetics.